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Susan Howell, MSCC, LAC...

...holds a Master of Science in Christian Counseling from Cairn University (formerly Philadelphia Biblical) and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Rutgers University in Camden. She currently holds her NJ License as an Associate Counselor.

Susan loves learning about the brain and how trauma affects the brain and the individual's functioning in life. She has been serving at her church since 2008 as a co-facilitator of the Relationship Recovery / Divorce Care ministry and providing individual counseling. In addition, she completed an internship year at Cairn's Counseling Center serving the school's students and community.

Susan's counseling is focused on women and relationships, as well as boundary issues. She has a heart for women who have experienced abuse whether that is verbal, emotional, spiritual or physical abuse. She has witnessed the growth and healing of many as they work through the grief and loss of relationship. Susan understands that when God's people are well and whole they are equipped to go out and serve God's greater community. She has a heart for serving God's people.

Susan is under the supervision and clinical direction of Dr. Steven Silverstein, ACS #01018, LPC 37PC00292200.


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