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  For counseling services   570-905-4290

We are here to provide comfort and guidance to the hurting.

                  Christian Counseling is:

  • Supernatural
  • Transcending
  • Transformational
  • Healing
  • Growth

Problem, Potential, Prescription

The Problem:

The Problem:

Can you name anyone who has not been affected by the personal struggles and problems that are part of everyday life and our society?

Anger, depression, frustration, anxiety, mental health, finances, legal problems, addictions, and codependency are ripping families and relationships apart. Many who suffer from the pain these cause do not know where to turn for help. They may feel too ashamed, too afraid, or simply too overwhelmed to seek assistance.

Or, you or someone you know may have turned to reality shows, pod casts, self-help books, or DVDs, meditations, only to experience frustration when no real lasting change happens. You need personal attention. Do you feel stuck? Help is available.

The Potential:

While many people remain trapped in a cycle of betrayal, pain, and hopelessness, others do experience healing, growth, restoration, and fulfillment. How have they attained the peace others long for? They have chosen to get the help they need. Take a moment to think. You, too, can choose to take advantage of the resources offered through interactive one to one counseling.

The Prescription:

You too, Can choose to take advantage of the resources offered here at Alternatives in Counseling. We will connect you with a trained and experienced counselor who specializes in the many areas of personal recovery, healing and growth.

Our counselors assure you complete confidentiality with compassion that will allow you to adress your personal matters with ease.

To make an appointment and ensure confidentiality, call Alternatives in Counseling, Inc. today and leave a message. Your call will be returned.

Reactions from our friends:

You helped me back to the right road and then gave me the courage to walk it, guiding me when I fell in all those ditches. L.C.

I really needed to talk to someone who would know and understand. C.R.

Thank you for leading through a tough recovery. M.R.

I thank God for sending you to this broken family. Your kindness and guidance has helped us to mend; we are healing. C.V.

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